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Pixbend Studio 0.3 beta

Product Overview

Pixbend Studio provides robust, reliable, and fault-tolerant Pixbend Technology video & audio encoding.

Pixbend Studio lets you encode AVI video or still images sequence files to Pixbend Technology file format. This powerful tool provides you with all required functions and features to produce high quality Pixbend encoded contents with minimal effort.

Personal Edition
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Professional Edition
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Main Features

  • Ease of Use
    Pixbend Studio has a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing for an easy encoding process.
  • Powerful Project Manager
    Save your work at any time in two mouse clicks. Restore it later in just one click !
  • Straightforward Video Encoding
    Low level codec parameters are computed by the program from high level parameters you set in the GUI. No need to be a digital video expert to get the best result.
  • Easy Starting
    Most new users complete their first project in less than 3 minutes !
  • Versatile Data Input Management
    Pixbend Studio supports multiple input formats through a flexible plugin system, including AVI, YUV, Y4M, TGA and WAV PCM.
  • Metadata Support
    Thanks to Pixbend Technology built-in stream tag manager and Pixbend Studio interface, embedding metadata within movies files is as simple as ABC.
  • Parental Guidance (*)
    Pixbend Studio allows you to protect children by using its built-in content rating system.
  • Wide Language Support (*)
    Pixbend Technology supports up to 8 audio streams and up to 16 subtitle streams in a single movie file. Pixbend Studio gives you an easy way to create and edit all language streams you need.
  • High Motion processor (*)
    Get access to high motion processor feature in Pixbend codec.
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio Control
    Nonsquare pixel support preserves the true resolution of DV and MPEG-2 content without distortion.
  • Versatile Rate Control (*)
    Video content may be encoded using various rate control modes (including quality-based), making Pixbend Studio useful in a broad range of situations.
  • Full Featured Video Preprocessor (*)
    Pixbend Studio has great video preprocessing capabilities, including efficient noise reduction and color correction filters.

(*) Feature only available in Pixbend Studio Professional Edition.

Compare Pixbend Studio Personal & Professional Editions

 Personal EditionProfessional Edition
Version0.3 beta 0.3 beta
Audio Streams1Up to 8
Subtitle Streams Up to 16
Video Input Preprocessor  
High Motion Processor 
Constant Quality Encoding 
Parental Guidance 
Properties Editor 
Unlimited Free Updates (*)
Tech SupportStandard, 60 daysPremium, 1 year
Commercial Use (**) 
Price (***)Contact Sales Contact Sales
Ordering Not yet on sale Not yet on sale
Evaluation Download Download
(*)Applies to minor updates only.
(**)May require additional licensing. See Commercial Licensing for more information.
(***) 1 user license. See Price List for full licensing programs.