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Pixbend Technology

Pixbend is a new and alternate video compression technology that outperforms most standards-based codecs on the market today. It provides superior quality while requiring few resources, at data rates ranging from mobile video to full high-definition.

It is not dependent on any other technology, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of digital media applications.

Pixbend also includes all required international features to build all-over-the-world-redistributable contents: a single movie/clip file may contain up to 8 audio and 16 subtitle streams, chosen among 67 pre-defined (or 16 custom) languages.

Finally, Pixbend Technology is developed apart from any MPEG or other committee standards, so it carries neither hindering and annoying "patent pooling" restrictions nor complicated external licensing fees.

Features in detail

Available Products

Our effort to bring Pixbend Technology to the market led to the creation of three new products:

  • Pixbend Studio, the main tool for building Pixbend streams.
  • Pixbend Player, a front-end playback application for Windows®.
  • Pixbend SDK, a set of components for developers who want to integrate Pixbend streams playback into their own 32-bit Windows® application.

Free Trial

We offer free trial versions of all our products, so you can find out by yourself how they work and check if they suit your needs.

Pixbend Video Sample Clips

See Pixbend video quality on your computer now with our free Player.

Malware Free

All our products are malware free. We understand that security and privacy are prime concerns for our customers and we are part of the security community that is against the uses of Adware, Spyware, Malware or Viruses, for any reason.

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