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Pixbend SDK 0.3 beta


Content Summary Pixbend SDK supplies the following files:
  • C header files
  • C++ wrapper classes
  • API Documentation
  • Development Guidelines
  • C++ Sample Code
  • Import Libraries
  • DLL files that ship with your application
Programming Languages SDK is primarily designed for the C/C++ programming language. However it is compatible with many other languages, including VB6, VB .NET, C#, J#, MC++, Delphi and Python.
Included Programming Interfaces
  • Low level API
  • C prototypes
  • C++ wrapper classes
Supported Compilers Pixbend SDK core libraries have been tested with the following C/C++ compilers:
PublisherCompiler VersionTested OK
Microsoft Visual C++ 66.0
Visual Studio 20037.1
Visual Studio 20058.0
Visual Studio 2005 Express8.0
Visual Studio 2008 Express9.0
Borland C++ Compiler5.5
C++ Builder6.0
Intel C++ Compiler 9.1
Metrowerks Code Warrior7.0
Free Software Foundation MingW323.4.4
  Open Watcom1.6

Notes :

  • Although any other Win32-compatible compilers may be used to compile and link with SDK core libraries, they have not been fully tested.
  • Most sample programs provided within the SDK have been written using MS Visual Studio (7.1 / 8.0), and some changes may be necessary to make them usable on other compiler.

Operating Systems
  • Windows 98 (All Versions)
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP (All Versions)
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows Vista (All Versions)
  • Runtime files size: 620 KB
  • Hard disk space required for installing: 1 MB