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Welcome to the technical support section. Here you will find a library of information. If you have a Nexilogic product related question not listed here, be sure to tell us about it.

Quick Guidelines

If you have trouble installing, running or using our products, please follow these quick guidelines :

  • Always use the latest release. Our products are evolving constantly. Hundreds of issues are fixed each time a new version is released. See Update Center.
  • Always stay up to date by subscribing to our products email news option.
  • Search or browse our online Knowledge Base.
  • Finally, if you still haven't found a resolution, please contact us and ask for your specific question.


Search our support knowledgebase for an answer to your question.

How-to Guides
These guides offer tutorials about Nexilogic technologies and products.

Ask a Question
If you could not find the help you needed in previous areas, ask your specific question there.

Bug Reporting

Search For a Bug Record
You can search there all of the bugs that have been reported from now.

Report a Bug
Use this page to submit a new bug report regarding one of our products. Please double-check that the bug you have found hasn't already been reported.

Other Feedback

Suggest an Improvement
Our development team is always seeking to improve our software. If you have suggestions for improvements or additions, let us know there.

Make a Comment
This is the place to make any other comment you'd like about our products.