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Pixbend Technology Features

Pixbend Technology is designed to produce high quality video while requiring few resources at decoding time. It delivers unparalleled video quality, even at low bit rates.

Reasons to choose Pixbend Technology

  • Resources-friendly : unlike many other competing codecs, only a few CPU cycles and memory bytes are needed to decode a Pixbend video streams at full quality : a 1.5 GHz system is fast enough for HD-720 playback. Any PC or Macintosh shipped in the last 5 years will play Pixbend HD streams wonderfully.
  • Playback software can be used in a "standalone" mode, without any prior system components installation. This, for instance, allows direct playback from removable media with pre-defined decoder software.
  • Pixbend is a purely software-based solution : it works fine without any accelerated graphics hardware and can be upgraded easily.
  • Not dependent on any graphics API/library/subsystem : Pixbend Technology is potentially portable to many platforms, operating systems or devices.
  • Pixbend playback software was designed to be easily integrated into end-user applications, multimedia or game products. We provide a simple and easy to use SDK to our customers who wish to integrate Pixbend technology as part of their application. Using Pixbend SDK in a multimedia application is nearly as simple as adding two lines of code.
  • Pixbend Technology is developed apart from any MPEG or other committee standards, so it carries neither hindering and annoying "patent pooling" restrictions nor complicated external licensing fees.

Download Pixbend sample clips now and check video quality on your computer.

Video codec features

  • Multi-pass encoding
  • Adaptive and fast loop filter reducing quantization artifacts.
  • Native progressive scan output.
  • Supports Variable Bitrate and Quality-Based Encoding.
  • Sophisticated image segmentation and motion analysis.
  • Accurate pixel prediction.
  • Smart quantizers
  • Highly adaptive entropy coder.
  • Non-square pixel consideration : non-square pixel support preserves the true resolution of DV or MPEG2 like content without distortion.
  • Supports progressive HD formats and resolutions including 720p and 1080p
  • Many available video formats on output : YV12, YUY2, UYVY, 32-bit RGB, 24-bit RGB, 16-bit RGB, 15-bit RGB and even 12-bit RGB.

Other features

  • Wide language support
    Up to 8 audio streams, up to 16 subtitle streams in a single movie file.
  • Metadata
  • Parental Guidance
    A content rating system to protect younger viewers.
  • Built-in audio codec
    No need for additional third-party licensing.
  • Straightforward licensing terms
    We do not charge royalties, but instead easy-to-manage and affordable flat fees.